What Can I Do If My Dog Ate A Bottle Of Flintstones Vitamins?


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Contact your veterinarian immediately.  Please have the information about the vitamins handy--they will want to know approximately how many are missing, what exactly is in the vitamins-including milligrams per tablet, when this occurred and how your pet is doing.
Flintstone Vitamins contain a lot of sugar and fairly small amounts of vitamins however 2 bottles is a lot depending upon the size of the dog.
In the very least I would expect some mild gastrointestinal upset-mild and self-limiting vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.  If this occurs contact your veterinarian.
If it has been a recent ingestion within 2 hours your veterinarian can make your dog vomit.  After 2 hours much of the contents of the stomach has passed through so vomiting will not help. 
If needed based on the amount of vitamins ingested further treatment may be needed by your veterinarian.

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