I Have A Baby Pit Bull, Are They All Dangerous No Matter How You Raise Them?


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Hopefully the breeder you got the dog from had the parents on premises - if they were nice friendly dogs, then you have a good start. Pits can be wonderful family dogs - Petey from the little rascals was a Pit and none of those kids ever got bit:) Make sure you socialize your puppy with lots of other dogs of all sizes, lots of exposure to people - both kids and adults and train him from the start. Every so often feed right from your hand right out of the bowl - that way you will have no food aggression issues. Personally I think that with careful planning and lots of socialization you will have a wonderful pet:) But keep in ind that your poor little one will always have a bad rap due to all the irresponsible owners who do not train their dogs properly. Make your pup an outstanding example of what a Pit can and should be.
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I agree with 30nitewolf....its the environment they grow up in....its important that you give your pitbull a lot of tender, loving ,care....you'll do just fine...
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Actually, let's be realistic. It is NOT all in how you raise them, that is only part of it. Some of it is genetics too. Yes socialize them as much as possible, pitbulls should actually be friendly to people, that is part of their temperament. If you got him from an irresponsible breeder, then they may not conform to proper example of a pitbull, but hopefully he is just fine, socializing a lot while young will help a lot. It is always good to socialize them with other dogs while they are young but always remember that they CAN develop aggression towards other dogs, even if you socialize them constantly. It is in their blood. Some love other dogs, but just be careful and always watch him. Always expect your pitbull to fight. In other words, do not ever leave him alone with another dog no matter what, supervised time is fine if he isn't dog aggressive though. I hope this helped, I have a pitbull of my own and I have learned a great deal which has helped me out a lot. My guy is full of love and kisses and they are wonderful companions to people.
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I have a pitt and shes 4months old and I had two situations with her but got it under control. All pitts are not vicious..They are animals who need people who can love them. I love my dog. I also have 3 children and they all take turns feeding her bathing her and walking her. Shes Just one of the kids very hyper and energetic. Ive rescued a pitt bull off the streets with my family he was 6months old and never had a problem with him neither. He seemed to had been beaten up by his previous owners and we had to help him feel safe and gain trust. And that was a matter of 2 weeks and now hes the big baby. I think people should take a chance to look up on dogs of that kind..They arent bad nor monsters they protect your family and are in need of good owners who can protect them.
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Its all how you raise them and some genetics. Love your pit but be firm. I raise mine like I raise my children.

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