How Do You Fatten Up A Nursing Pit Bull?


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At 4wks old those puppies need more than she can produce naturally unless you really bump up the carbs and calories.  the mama needs fed several times more than normally each day.  morning, noon and night.  she also needs time out to the whelping box to rest, with them off of the feeding source.  I alway doubled the amount of dry food and added one full can of wet food mixed into every morning and every evening meal.  the pupps are eating you say.  that is to be expected.  that is good.  I hope you are using a quality puppy food.  make sure and completely moisten it with very hot water, allow it to stand until all the moisture is absorbed into the kibble making it like wet mush, allow it to cool.  don't serve hot serve wet and warm.  allow them to gorge themselves 4 times per day.  while they gorge, mama goes out of the area to eat by herself, then she goes out to potty, bask in the sun, don't leave her alone if she is worried stay with her.  her babies will be fine.  once they eat, they poop.  if she is still helping that happen, you will probably either want to bring them out to her one at a time starting with the runt, allow her to clean up the pup after its fed, its butt etc.  then place that pup on the source and get the next smallest pup, bring it out let her clean it up then it is ready to this with all 5 pups, this gives her rebuild time,  if she does not want to nurse, and they can eat, it is time.  if she is looking like mother skelator, replace completely with puppy chow as described, and plenty of fresh water.  if they don't drink yet, make the food soppy with extra water.  they will be drinking soon.  once she has decided to stop nursing they will get loud.  you will have to tune it out, or give them a stuffed animal to lay on or something to comfort them with replacing mom in the whelping box.  good luck.  definitely plenty of water, double up on the dry and add at least one full can of wet twice a day. 
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Wet can dog food and dog vitamin water do can food 3 times a day and dog vitamin water 1 once XD
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Get a job nd feed em

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