My Corgi Has Tremors In His Hind Legs, Like He Is Shaking With Cold. Any Ideas As To What This Is?


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I have a male Pembroke Corgi that is doing the same thing.  It started on one side and happened very seldom now is on both sides and happens everyday.  A Corgi owner that I met in the park said it was the beginning of hip displaysia and to get it xrayed.  She said the same thing happened to her Corgi and they prescribed Rimidal (sp?)
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Actually, I have since found out that the problem with the tremoring is caused by DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY, a disease that will eventually leave him paralyzed. Google it, because your dog could have it too. Veteranarians usually say it is hopeless, but there are some who think with better nutrition, as well as lots of supplements, you can at least slow it down. This is what I am trying to do. Univ of Missouri Vet School will do a DNA test for free, if your vet submits it.

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