What Does A Copper Head Snake Look Like As A Baby?


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As a baby, copperhead snakes have similar patterns and colours to an adult but their distinguishing feature is that the last inch of their tail is a bright, sulphur yellow colour. As adults, copperhead snakes can be found in several colour variations. These variations will depend on the location of the snake can anything from bright copper and light through to very dark brown shades.

The coloured bands across the back and sides of a copperhead snake are usually darker chestnut while the background colour is tan to pinkish. Copperhead snakes are usually very colourful and patterned and the hourglass shaped bands on their backs vary in width. Almost all of these snakes keep their copper colour head throughout their lives. Baby copperhead snakes are tiny but when they reach adulthood they can reach up to two to four ft and have thick, heavy bodies.

Copperhead snakes can be found in a variety of different locations and habitats. They most favour forest and mixed woodlands and can often be found in rock outcroppings and ledges or low-lying swampy regions. In a garden they are most likely to hide in garden mulch or compost piles, under decaying stumps, in woodpiles or sawdust. Copperheads are only usually found basking in the day if the weather is cool but not cold. When it is hot, the snakes only usually become active at night. Copperheads hibernate between October and February in ‘snake dens’ and later in the summer between one and 14 young are hatched from eggs in these dens. The copperhead snake accounts for the largest number of snakebites in the US every year. While a copperhead bite is not fatal to an adult, it is extremely painful and can have long lasting discomfort. Children should be kept away from even the smallest copperhead snake as a bite can be excruciating for them.
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Copperhead babies look exactly like smaller adult Copperheads, only with bright yellow tails, which they use to lure in frogs, lizards and other small animals within striking distance.  The snake in the top photo already posted is a Copperhead, while the skinny little snake on the person's hand in the second photo is a baby Black Racer.
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The snake someone is holding in their hand is a baby black racer, or Eastern racer as it is often called.
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Like a copperhead, just smaller:)

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