What Does A King Brown Snake Look Like?


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Julii Brainard answered
  Brown.  With a slightly yellow undertone to the belly/ trailing part of the scales.

  Quite a lovely snake, really.  Small head, brown eyes, usual slightly perplexed and cross look that many snakes have.

  See picture here.

  Also called the Mulga snake, latin name = Pseudechis australis, they can get up to 3m in length.  They are native to most of Australia, but particularly the hot dry and tropical areas.  Which means, just about everywhere but the southern and south-eastern coast, where there are "Mediterranean type" climates.

  They mostly diet on small mammals and other snakes.  Although Mulga snakes produce a lot of venom (100 mg or more in one bite), it's not especially toxic to people -- still advised to get anti-venom, but not very likely to kill you.

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