Why Are Polar Bears White In Color?


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Polar bears are large carnivorous animals that are found in the Arctic region mainly in Greenland, Siberia and Northern Canada.

Polar bears have a fur that is actually translucent and that appears white due to their surroundings it is also sometimes appears off white or with a brownish tinge supporting the theory that they are related to the brown bears.

Their fur serves well in camouflaging them when they hunt the main food of the polar bear is the seal which it hunts by sneaking up on it for which it needs to blend in the surroundings. The fur of the polar bear is said to protect it from the harmful ultraviolet radiations that are more pronounced in the Polar Regions.

Their fur which is multi layered also protects them from getting significantly wet when they swim through the icy sea water as they can easily shake off the water when back on land.
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Polar bear fur is transparent and colorless, and it reflects all of the visible wavelengths of sunlight so what the human eye sees appears "white". Interesting to consider that ice crystals are clear/transparent, and snowflakes together reflect all visible wavelengths of light to appear "white". If you've ever had the chance to get up close and personal with the life in a snowy climate, you'd see that snow can't be so easily categorized as being "white". There are shades of blue in shadows. Snow takes on lovely lilac and pink colors and sunset. Snow sparkles and twinkles like jewels. Search for the art of Alaskan artist Fred Machetanz, and you'll see some lovely views through the eyes of someone that doesn't categorize the world by labels. His polar bears are wonderful!
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Polar bears do not have white fur, but semi-transparent fur. The polar
bear's fur seems colourless and for many years, scientists worked on
the theory that the individual hairs act as fiber optics bringing
sunlight directly to the skin. This has recently been proven to be
incorrect, and the hairs are not truly transparent, but contain
keratin. Viewed side-on, the hairs appear colourless; viewed lengthwise
(as if one was looking down a telescope) the hairs no longer appear
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The fur/hair on them is clear not white but the sun reflection makes it look that way.
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Polar bears are white in color to blend into their surroundings. This is mostly for the purpose of hunting, so that their prey does not see them coming.
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White does not absorb or emit heat as much as black.  In other words white objects are relatively isolated from surrounding temperatures and black tends to come to the temperature of its surroundings.  The thermal issue in cold climates is staying warm at night where white allows the bear to remain warmer.
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Not all but some are just white because they are of different species.
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Uh duh! So they can sneak up on their prey and not be seen in a snowstorm. : ) in other words the creator created them to be what they are a preditor/meat eater/herbivore,they would not be a very good preditor or meat eater if they could not sneak up on their food supply/or as science the world may know it the food chain/circle of life. Blah blah blah.
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Polar bers are white in color so they can blend in with the terrane or the arctic.
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Ok I'm sorry but that makes no sence at all! BLACK absorbs heat and Annaleeb is right, there skin is black and the pigments from the sun pass through its transparent fur and shines it white. Camoflage reasons...

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