What Does A Baby Goldfish Look Like?


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When baby goldfish (also known as goldfish fry) hatch, they’re not actually gold! Instead, they’re usually olive-colored or brown.

After Hatching
Baby goldfish are tiny when they first hatch – they’ll probably look like tiny dark specs in the water.

At first, their bellies are see-through, but as their digestive systems and organs develop, they begin to look more solid.

After A Week
At one week old, baby goldfish are olive-green. By this point, they’ll have started to look like actual fish – their bodies will be fatter, and they won’t just look like a head with a tail attached!

After Two Weeks
By this point, your goldfish should be looking a little less brown, although they won’t have their full gold coloring yet. You should be able to spot them a lot easier, now!

After A Month
By this point, the goldfish should be a lot bigger, and will start to look more like…well, goldfish! They should be a shimmery pink or salmon color, and will become more orange the older they get.

Hope that helps!
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Goldfish lays eggs which then grow to form goldfish. Baby Goldfish or eggs are tiny creatures.
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Baby goldfish.
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