Why Are Pandas Becoming Extinct?


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The Giant Panda is slowly becoming extinct due to a number of factors, the most pertinent of which are:

  • Very low production rates. In the wild, females give birth to one cub roughly every two years, and in captivity it has proved extremely difficult to make Pandas breed. For whatever reason, the animals seem to lose interest in breeding, or the right conditions are not present in captivity to induce reproduction.
  • Bamboo shortages. The Giant Panda's diet consists almost entirely of bamboo, therefore with bamboo levels decreasing due to de-forestation, the Panda's natural food source is disappearing.
  • Destruction of Habitat. China's exploding population needs wood from the forests and room to build more villages and towns, and therefore the Panda's natural habitat in the bamboo forests of Sichuan, Shaaxni and Gansu provinces is receding.
  • Hunting. Hunting and poaching of the Giant Panda is still common in China, where a Panda fur fetches a good price.
Therefore, Pandas are becoming extinct due to human factors, such as de-forestation, but also due to Pandas having very low reproduction rates naturally.
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Panda Bears are becoming extinct because they are running out of room to live. People are moving slowly into their habitat, and when this starts to happen, they lose their food supply, and their shelter.

Also, the color of the pandas' fur also makes people want them even more, and as the people want them more, they start to poach - which is one of the big reasons why pandas are becoming extinct.

They are slowly slowly being picked off by poachers and, sooner or later, there will be barely any of them for people to see. So, if you truly care, you could try and help save them before they are all gone.
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There are innumerable answers as to why Pandas are becoming extinct. There are approximately 1,000 giant pandas left in this world.

Pandas mostly thrive in Southwest China, in the remote bamboo forests. Due to ignorance by the Chinese Government, these pandas have failed to receive the proper protection, and fall prey to poachers and loggers.

These pandas do not hibernate in the winter, as they are unable to store a sufficient amount of fat from eating bamboo. They are generally carnivorous, but have to survive on vegetation - due to which they receive fewer amounts of nutrient and calories.

It all started when lowlands from Myanmar through to northern Vietnam, and much of eastern and southern China were used for farming and the bamboo forests were cut down drastically. This meant pandas had to move away from these areas.

Later, in 1980, most of the bamboo forests died out and over 150 pandas starved to death.
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They are being killed for their fur and because they are a meat source.

Also because the population of China continually increases, cities, villages etc need to be expanded, and therefore vital habitats and food sources for the panda are being destroyed, and in effect, killing them.

Also they are becoming extinct because they are not mating!
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The Giant Panda is becoming endangered because its habitat in China is being destroyed.

Humans are stripping China of its bamboo forests, where the pandas live. Pandas eat bamboo mostly and if people destroy these forests there will be no food.

Many are also killed/severely injured during the de-forestation process. This is mainly to build industrial buildings such as factories.
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Pandas are becoming extinct because of poaching. Also, their habitat is being destroyed to build more homes for humans.

While the human population grows, not only do pandas get hurt, but so do many other important animals.

Anyway, adults are not the only ones who can help - us kids could also help. If we gather enough information, we can persuade authorities to make new laws or something.

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I think because the pandas' home is getting destroyed and all of the trees are getting chopped down and all of their food is getting collected by us humans, and people are poaching pandas for their coats/fur/skin for clothes...

That's why they are becoming extinct.
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People are stealing their homes and cutting down all the bamboo - a very important factor to the pandas' survival.

Pandas are still being hunted for fur and meat which costs a fortune. We should help the pandas!
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The primary reason that giant pandas are headed for extinction is the loss of their native habitat in China. 

The secondary reasons are rapid human population growth and economic development in the region. 

In the past, illegal hunting was a major source of pressure on the wild populations, but that has been controlled for the most part.
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Pandas  are becoming extinct for several reasons: I.e. Global warming. It's not fair that we ruin the planet and they have to  pay the price, is it?

But also another reason is because people love their meat and it's not fair - we have a lot of food out there and people kill them.

Also, people kill them for their warmth. Pandas have an extremely thick fur and it's not fair, but...there's two sides to this argument 1) we kill animals for food and warmth because we have no food. Or  2 ) we kill them for fun and have a  feast later.

Going back to the fact that people kill them for fur not being fair, people hang their heads above door frames or cut them out and use them as a carpet.

You have to think properly and these are the two arguments you have to consider.

Charities related to pandas are trying their hardest to stop people killing pandas as it is illegal.
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Pandas are becoming extinct because they pretty much refuse to mate and have only one food source. Bummer. Maybe they should find another food source and buy some chocolates for their sweeties.
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There are less than 1000 free pandas in the wild - it's scary. But they're becoming extinct because people are using the sugar cane they eat to survive. They also used to be hunted for their fur. It's terrible because they're the gentle giants of the wild.
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Because they are being hunted for their fur - and the other cause is that the home of pandas (the forests) are being cut down to bring more land under cultivation.
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Because all they eat is eucalyptus leaves. And there ain't too many left, because man has cut it all down to make way for... More men and houses etc.
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It is SO SAD! For goodness sake, people, they are so cute and friendly and yet people are cutting their homes down and chopping away all their food!

How would you people like it if random people came and started tearing your stuff away along with your house?!

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