My Dog Is Pooping In His Sleep And I Don't Know Why?


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It is normal for older dogs and dogs with hip issues. When they go, their weight is too much for them to carry on their backside, so they stop going midway. At night, when they relax whatever was left next to the anus comes out. It may also happen when the dog relaxes enough to pass gas. It usually is a small round ball that comes out and is found the next day when the bedding is cleaned up. Hope this helps.
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My 4 year old Great Dane is having this issue . He wakes up from sleep and the poop just starts falling out before he can get outside. He has been to the vet and all of his blood work is fine. He also had an X-ray and he may have a touch of arthritis setting in. The vet put him on prednisolone, which makes him drink a lot so now he is peeing in the house. We are at a loss, not sure what is happening?

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Does he have a gastroenteritis? Is he dehydrated? Is his tongue dry? Are the stools normal consistency or runny? I would call me vet.
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Going through the same thing with my six-year old Great Dane. Exploring various options to see what works for him. Will keep you posted.
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My 7 year old great dane- same story. He runs/barks in his sleep, and then poops. Happens about twice a week.
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Call a vet it has happened to my dog and it def sounds like what I went through, he lost bowl control is he doing it when hes a wake? If so its not good news but if hes only doing it asleep never heard of it honey hope I helped
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I think it's a digestion after his night food & before he is put to sleep play a bit with him.if this doesn't help take him to the vet.
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My 4 yr old cocker has developed the same problem. Took her to Vet. She had infection of anal gland. After cleaning and a week on meds. she is still having the problem. Only feeding dry science diet. If you figure this out let me know.

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