I have a 1 year old Yorkie that I have been trying to potty train, at night she sleeps in a kennel and during the day she goes outside and comes in often. No matter what I do almost every time she comes in from outside she poops or pees and then runs?


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Iv had many in-side pupies :) and yea, everyone one of them did this. What I had to do was, every time they peed inside you have to gave them and show them the pee (or dip their nose in it to make sure they know what your cusing them for) then give I give them one firm knock on the nose with a finger and throw them out side (not literally throw them) this prosses over and over will soon sink in..
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Also take them out on a lead and walk them around waiting for them to pee, prase them when they do. This all made my puppies run to the door and sit crying wanting to go out side when they needed to pee :)
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You need to understand a dogs natural instincts, it will mark its terrority, it pees to leave its smell because in the animal of dogs then thats how they comunicate with each other through scent and smell, so unless your dog has been trained not to piddle then its going to do it out of nothing more than instinct, Dogs arent humans, they don't know thats its pretty stinking to do it, but once trained and understands that us humans don't like it then they will stop doing it, purely because in there minds they don't want to do anything to compromise the relationship they have witht here superior, us humans, so its perfectly normal and natural for a dog to do that until it understand that its un needed and there place in the "pack" wont be compromised if they where not to do it at home

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