My Dog Has Blood Red Sclera, Does Anyone Know What This Means?


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This is also known as Bloodshot eyes, Red Eyes or Conjunctival Injection. This can be caused by several things, the seriousness being judged by the amount of discomfort your dog is in.

The causes include allergies, foreign bodies in the eye, trauma, infection or eye strain. Specific illnesses include Blepharitis, which is caused by skin bacteria, Conjunctivities which is caused by a virus, Corneal Ulcers caused by a viral infection, and Uveitis which is an autoimmune disorder.

Other causes include allergies or cold, glaucoma, or scratches in the eye.  
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I just took my little girl to the vet for the same thing. She said it was a bruised eye... Has your dog gotten into a scuffle recently? I would take her immediately- but keep your cool, it's probably not life threatening, but letting it go could lead to a serious infection. 

good luck!!!! 

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