Is It Legal To Keep A Monkey As A Pet In Ireland?


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It is legal to keep a monkey as a pet in Ireland. However, it is a practice that is frowned upon by the people. As monkeys are not very tame-able and they can get wild whenever they want unlike cats and dogs.
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I think it is shocking that u are allowed to keep a monkey as a pet they are wild and that is where they belong
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You think it's shocking?? May I ask, do you own a dog? Or perhaps a cat? And do you realise just how much pseudo-scientific breeding that goes into dogs? And do you realise that cats are wild too? Do you realise that every creature, great and small, is, or was at some point, wild? Do you realise how downright silly you sound to be castigating people for their wish to own exotic animals?

As long as you gain the correct licenses, and do the appropriate level of research, you can own, and know how to take care of, and animal. Go and ask your local veterinarian. But bare in mind that any kind of exotic animal has their own pros and cons and that only a very caring and responsible individual should own a monkey. They may be wild, but they are also very dependant.

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