Which Country Has World's Largest Number Of Monkeys?


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The largest number of monkeys in the world can be found in the rainforests in largest country on the South American continent, Brazil. Brazil is home to about one-third of the total primate population of the world. In fact, two new species of monkeys have been found in the Amazon rainforest in South America in 2002. This comes as a huge confidence-booster for the naturalists and animal scientists, who are deeply concerned about the dwindling number of monkeys in the world.

However, now it has been discovered that 13 out of the 24 new species of monkeys found in the world since 1990 live in South America. Surprisingly, not all of them live in the Amazon rainforest. In fact, most of them have been found to be inhabitants of the Atlantic forest, located on the east coast of the South American continent.

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