Can finger monkeys be kept as pets? And if so do you know a genuine place in Ireland that i could get them? I have been looking for finger monkeys for years so i promise that they would come to a very good home!


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The very first thing you would need to do is find out what species you are actually interested in to begin your research on them. There isn't any species that is actually a 'finger' monkey though you are most likely referring to a pygmy, common or other type of marmoset or possibly a species of tamarin.There are many small species of non-human primate though pygmy marmosets are one of the smallest.
After you have done your extended species specific research and are certain you can provide proper care and maintanence. During your research you will find out a lot of very important things. Things like health, care, diet, needed habitat, enrichments, medical care and why 'pet' isn't an appropriate term as they are not domesticated animals ect.
You would have a better idea of whether you could afford to purchase and maintain a captive non-human primate, which is usually quite expensive due to their specialized needs. You would find out why if anyone in your house or who is regularly in your home or there is exposure to even some other particular species of non-human primate that carries/sheds even some simple forms of herpes virus the it's not the best idea. Not so much as cold sores. Exposure often results in death for marmoset and tamarin species. If your little one catches something like flu or other bug from you, it can also be a concern. You would also want to find a veterinarian which specializes in these types of animals well ahead of time.
Then you would begin by contacting your local officials to find out about legalities and licensing requirements and if you do not own your home and they should be able to point you in the right directions. I live in the US but in many countries you are under local, state/territory and federal/govermental jurisdiction. Here are some links to get you started on your research. q6044723.html

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