Who Is The Enemy Of Monkeys?


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In the wild, monkeys have several natural enemies, although the specific enemies that a monkey might face depend on the type of monkey in question, and in which part of the world its natural habitat is located.

The enemies of monkeys

Considering how cute they look, it's hard to imagine any animal wanting to be the enemy of a monkey. But it's a cruel world out there, and even monkeys aren't completely safe.

The main enemies of monkeys are usually meat eaters that are capable of hunting them. The list of creatures that fall into this category include:

  • tigers
  • jaguars
  • lions
  • boa constrictors
  • pythons
Snakes who kill monkeys often do so by constriction and suffocation, whilst big cats are also fearsome predators.

You may also be surprised to know that certain types of small monkey are sometimes eaten by large birds which swoop down and pluck them out of the trees with their powerful claws.

Although not the most agile hunter, Hyenas have also been known to attack monkeys, and a monkey cooling down by swimming in a river might also fall victim to a crocodile or alligator.

Monkey killers: Natural predators of monkeys

Monkey-on-monkey violence is also not uncommon, and even loveable chimpanzees have been known to feast on smaller species of monkeys.

As food sources become more depleted in the wild, animals are being forced to prey on animals that they wouldn't usually hunt.

Perhaps the biggest enemy of monkeys is actually human beings. Humans are responsible for decimating large parts of the monkey's natural habitat, making us one the biggest enemies of the specie.
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Generally most monkeys are hunted by large cats, like jaguar, tigers. The smaller tambourine monkeys can be predated by snakes and the smaller cats like Ocelots.

A Mantled Howler Monkey has a lot of predators. As you may know they are tropical so they have wild animals that are bigger and the only reason not to be eaten is when they scream and spit at the enemies.
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The main enemies of the monkeys in the wild are lions, tigers, jaguars, and many big cats. Humans also are enemies because some capture them and make them pets ..
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I think that the enemy of monkeys are large cats, large snakes, and other larger monkeys.
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Birds, big cats and wild dogs.
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A monkey's predators are big cats and big snakes, they are not the enemies. Do you get it?

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