My Dog Pees A Lot And Drinks A Lot, Can You Help?


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Dogs drink more water due to increase in thirst and this lead to frequent urination. Many conditions can cause excessive water intake and increased urination. Its common causes can be
  1. Diabetes
  2. Cushing's disease
  3. Kidney failure
  4. Kidney stones
  5. Urinary tract infection
  6. Pyometra
  7. Endocrine disorders
  8. Poisoning
So, your dog needs to be investigated for variety of factors that can cause increased water intake and frequent urination, so, take your dog to vet.
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This may be due to a high salt diet, so he has to drink because he is dehydrated and of course, drinking a lot makes you pee a lot.  Maybe check with local grocery store or pet food store as the food he is eating may contain a  lot of msg, monosodium glutomate, which is a salt and a flavour enhancer.  There may be a better alternative to his diet which contains less salt and is better for overall health
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Take your dog to the vet to have a urinary check.
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The dog must also be drinking a lot. This could be a sign of serious illness, such as diabetes, and I would take your dog along to a vet if I were you.
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I hope that you've taken your dog to a vet by now, but if not, you need to go right away. These symptoms could be serious, and "just" a urinary tract infection can develop into a life-threatening kidney infection if untreated by antibiotics.
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Don't let him go to the bar anymore.  Every time I go to the bar, I drink and pee a lot too.
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This dog needs to see a vet IMMEDIATELY! You are describing several serious symtoms, any one of which can indicate a condition that demands medical diagnosis and treatment.
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Excessive water drinking in dogs can lead to frequent urination. If dogs drink excessive water after playing or exercising then it is normal. But frequent urination and increased thirst can also be due to conditions like
  1. Diabetes
  2. Kidney failure
  3. Liver failure
  4. Urinary tract infection
  5. Infection of uterus
  6. Sign of heat cycle
  7. Endocrine disorder
So, you should take your dog to vet for differential diagnosis and advice.

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