I Own An English Mastiff, He Continuously Shakes His Head And Pulls At His Ears He Has A Dark Film In His Ears. This Just Started Over The Last 24 Hours. He Cries When We Touch Near His Ear. What Can We Do?


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shawn n/a Profile
shawn n/a answered
It sounds as if your mastiff (great choice in dog raised 12 in my youth!) has ear mites. There are over the counter meds at pet stores for it. They are ear drops that you administer once or twice a day for about two weeks. If you have any other pets, you might as well treat them as well since ear mites transmit from one pet to another quickly and easily. Be very gentle when you are massaging the drops into your dogs ears... They tend to get tender.
Donna Butler Profile
Donna Butler answered
Take a Que tip and clean his ears if there is a discharge take them to vet they may have a yeast infection
Lori Schwartz Profile
Lori Schwartz answered
Sounds like he has an ear infection. I would take him to the vet, could have ear mites too.
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jeff bruett answered
Might have ear mite,look inside of the ears and if it looks black that's what it is.they sell ear mite drops at any local pet store just use this carefully and read the directions good.I had the same problem with one of my dogs.

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