This Is A Dog Health Question: My Dog Is Sneezing, Drooling Continuously, And Has Re,bloodshot Membranes Around His Eye(not On Or In The Eye). It Came On Suddenly, For The Past 30 Minutes. What Is This?


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Sneezing and drooling are the symptoms of a viral infection. It could be flu or cold. If the redness around the eye is followed by tears, it can be a symptom of Conjunctivitis, or inflammation of the eye membrane. But if the eyelids starts swelling after sometime, then it can be referred to "cherry eye" or inflammation of the third eyelid (nictitating membrane). You should take your pet to a vet for proper check up.
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I am sorry but something scary happens to my pet. It goes on for 30 minutes. My first instinct would not be go to a question/answer site.

People, call your vet! Seek medical attention. Would you not do this for your child? Would you instead hope that someone emails you the answer? Ugh.
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well some people cant afford to get vet help for every little thing as they tend to rip us off left and right, when we could seek advice first. To the question, if it keeps up or happens more than once try using benedryl 1mg per 1lb of weight. its 100% safe, call a vet and ask them. i recently used it on my dog it cost $6. WAY less than the small fortune i would have payed for a vet visit, skin scraping, allergy/blood test. Not all vets work for the love of animals......$$$$$$

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