My Dog Has Small Lumps On Her Back, I Notice On Open So I Squeezed It And A Bug Came Out, What Is This?


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AleahMarie answered
You should take her to the vet very soon. Those bugs are embedded in her skin. They may be laying eggs in there as well.

This could be fatal to your dog, and if those bite you as well, or become embedded in your skin, you could become very ill.

Take your dog to the vet, and if there is a reason to worry, get yourself to a doctor as well.

Good luck!
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Randy Burns answered
Sometimes fleas will lay their eggs under the skin if the infection is bad enough. You probably need to take her to the vet as I'm sure she will need at least a shot and a dip.
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liz answered
It most likely is a tick suckin your dogs blood . Your suppose to tak it off a certain way so the ticks head isn't still in there suckin blood. So just dig lil deeper and make sure the ticks head is out. You got the first piece now most likely there shld only be one more piece to get out (the head)

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