Do Purebred Labs Have A White Spot On Their Chests?


2 Answers

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Meta Forrest answered
Every dog has their own markings whether pedigree or not. There is nothing here to suggest your dog is not purebred.
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KR- myopinions answered
They can, so can a dog with mixed lineage somewhere. It isn't desirable but is allowable in show. Physically, it wouldn't reference pure bred. Do you have your AKC papers or other reputable kennel club (not anything like continental, apr or any of the other tons of paper and pet registries that don't have anything to do with requiring tracked lineage)?
There are only a few reputable kennel clubs whose papers actually represent pure bred. That is your reasonable assurance of pure bred as it shows a tracked lineage for generation upon generation. Without those there is always some question, physically, it isn't possible to tell as not all dogs are show dogs and meet standard and a dog could appear a very good looking pure bred but just have taken those genetics from a mixed lineage.

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