If I Mate Chocolate Labrador Male With Yellow Labrador Female What Colour Puppies Will I Have?


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Chocolate should not be mated with Yellow otherwise pink nosed yellow dudleys can be born, but in short the colour of the resultant puppies depends upon the genes carried by both parents, not the colours that the parents are.

As for "some with both those colours" that is sheer rubbish, as is the above post. Chocolate is not dominant and there does not need to be a black parent to produce black puppies.
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I had a chocolate female and yellow male and they produced all three color puppies!
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We have a yellow lab that was produced by a brown/chocolate female lab and a yellow male lab. All of the puppies in their litter were black except 3. The 3 were yellow and there were no browns.
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The yellow gene ( Ee ) is a epigenetic " masking " gene that in EE will only produce yellow pups. A complex genetic to phenotype route. This genetic info is easily found online, but your dog's genotype may be anyone's guess.
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Chocolate is the dominant colour so if they are both pure for their respective colours then all the pups will be brown. If not then you will get a mixture of both. Not black though as this is dominant over brown and can not be carried genetically. If you want black one of the parents must be black.
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Well you can't tell but you can have an idea either they some will be full chocolate and some full yellow and some with both those colours.

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