Will A Black Lab Female And A Yellow Male Produce Chocolate Puppies?


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Chocolate is a recessive colour and will only appear if both parents carry the gene. Black or yellow are the usual colours. Chocolate Labradors are the same breed, just a less usual colour.
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My black lab came from a red fox father and choc lab cross brown collie mother - he is pure black with a couple of white hairs on his chest - in fact all ten pups in the litter were black. Not a sign of the collie in him apart from the fact that he jumps through windows like a kangaroo.
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Well Said Peach bug. Dog genetics are not like mixing paint colors!!
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No. You could breed two yellow labs and end up with eight black labs.
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Maybe there is no telling knowing that they are mixing w/their pure breed but more than likely they will!!!
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There is a possibility but they are usually black and whit some times they can be all white or all black. I wouldn't be surprised.
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Yes they can. I had a female yellow and a male chocolate and she had all black and chocolate puppies, not one yellow.
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No because chocolate is a recessive color and will only appear if both parents carry the gene.
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It is not always the way its 50/50 you have more chance if they have chocolate in their line (ie) brother,sisters,grand parents
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Um...I'm afraid genetics don't always work like that. While I'm not an expert on doggie genes, they will most likely produce one or the other, or even a mixed fur type, meaning black and yellow hairs or patches. It's possible...but I believe chocolate labs are a breed all their own.
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I thought when a chocolate lab female mated with a yellow lab male that we would get some chocolate and some yellow, but there were 7 black. Is that common?
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That's a reasonable expectation and an odd result. I'm sure many of the lab colors are like human hair shades: Prone to some recessive genes and reappearance. Apparently, both dogs had the recessive black gene, but in such high numbers, that is interesting...
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I know this is a very old thread - but what a complete load of rubbish. Labradors come in 3 colours, Black, Yellow and Chocolate.

The pups produced depend on what colour the parents are and what hidden genes, if any, they carry.

A black / yellow mating can produce all black, black and yellow or black, yellow and chocolate- the only way to know for sure what they could produce is to DNA test both parents to see what colours they carry. Chocolates are not RARE nor a different breed.

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