How Do You Kill Ants?


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Ants can be very difficult to get rid of depending on species because their colonies are underground. Generally speaking, most ants you see around the home can be eliminated by putting out a small amount of a sticky, sweet liquid called "Fatsco" on a small piece of paper around your home.They carry this back to the colony and it kills off the other ants in the colony. There are natural remedies as well if you have pets that I highly recommend you do instead of poisons!

Some species of ants such as pissants, fire ants etc. are much more difficult to eradicate without a professional because their colonies are much larger and go for long distances underground making it next to impossible to kill all of them, so they just keep up the life cycle and keep coming back!!, also they are harmful and dangerous to humans and pets as well!

I would suggest you contact a professional to tell them the type of ants you see and ask them what the best thing to do is to get rid of them for good.
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Ants can be eliminated in many ways. One way is to kill them by using repellents. They can be repelled using vinegar or citric extracts or salt or pepper. You can place small amounts of these substances in the areas from where the ants arrive and disappear. Second way is by using pesticides. Keep grits on the floor. The ants will consume the grits and these grits will dehydrate them and kill them.

Another way is to make a mixture of dry yeast, molasses and sugar. They will consume this and the ants will have to pass gas. As the ants cannot pass gas, they will die. These are the hassle free solutions of killing ants. And also remember, the exterminator will always be glad to help you out in these situations.
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You can kill ants bye steppin on them are using bug spray
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  You can kill ants by either stepping on them and twisting your foot, pushing on them with your finger, or you can buy ant poison.

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