How Are Ants And Dragonflies Different?


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Ants belong to the sub family of insects that includes wasps and bees known as Hymenoptera while dragonflies belong to the sub family of insects known as Odonata. The main difference between the two insets is in their lifecycle. Ants undergo a complete life cycle involving the deposition of an egg which then transforms into a larva(feeding stage), followed by its formation into a pupa (resting stage) and ending with the final emergence of the adult insect this whole process is known as metamorphosis.

Dragonflies are distinguished mainly by their life cycle which involves an incomplete metamorphosis the egg gives rise to a naiad (nymph) which is a miniature form of the adult minus wings. It is an aquatic stage in its life cycle complete with gills and well developed feeding parts after a period of time the naiad transforms in to a brightly colored dragonfly replete with wings and all.

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