My Cat Has Ringworm How Do I Get Rid Of It Without Going To The Vet?


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You'll have to disinfect a lot as reinfection from existing spores can be a problem. Using the topical creams for athlete's foot help. Apple cider vinegar can also help I hear though I've never tried it. Good diet and supplements for skin and coat can help with discomfort. If it's severe you may want to consider using the vet (and checking for underlying immune problems) and maybe talk to them about using the vaccine to try and get it out of the system faster (will result in a more severe case this time probably but has it's uses). Cat's are carrier's. You can probably pick up a shampoo at your vet or possibly even your groomer to bathe your kitty in to further things along if you can and know the proper procedures for bathing cats. Anyone in the household whom is older, younger, or has a compromised immune system (and stress IS a factor) is at risk of catching it as well. Research any 'home remedy's' (particularly those ingested) very closely and call your vet first please as most have a tendency to be extremely toxic and even deadly.
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To get rid of ringworm topical creams can be applied but if you don't want to spend money on expensive creams there are old remedies that can be used to cure ringworm these include putting ice on the affected area of ringworm of feeding your cat with milk with a little bit of honey and salt added into it.

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