Do They Consider An American Bulldog As A Dangerous Breed?


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American bulldogs don't even make it onto dangerous dog breeds list, They are loyal, loving strong willed and brave... Once they love you it's forever... I have 4 and have never had a problem.. I also have a chihuahua, a cat 12 chooks and 10 doves.. They all live harmoniously as long as the dog has rules and knows theres boundries they are the best dog you could ask for.. My bulldogs are fantastic with my 5 yr old and very protective and intelligent.. They are not silly or over the top at all.. They are beautiful dogs but if you are scared with out even owning one research first and to the person who said buy a douge de bordeux or mastiff because they are better temperment do some research Those two breeds they are more dangerous and make it on dangerous dog lists and have bad tempermant test results... As long as the bully is exercised,taught boundries and loved and treated ryte you will be fine.. They became a family member.. They are a fantastic addition to the ryte family
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No they are definitely not a bad breed at all and I challenge anybody who says they boy is 2 great with my kids and with strangers does sometimes have a little problem with some certain other big male dogs but that stands for most dogs regardless of breed if your upstanding and firm with them you can get passed this.I have lost count of the smaller breeds that have snapped and snarled at him so there you have it in my mind why class an ab as a bad breed just because of size and strength.male on male dominance is a natural canine behaviour and this is the worse that you will encounter with an ab.the best things love obedience loyalty and a best friend are the ups.I would not trade my boy for anything.
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I have an American Bulldog, too. He is a pure blood, VERY socialized around adult humans, children, other dogs, and animals of all types. Won't even chase a cat, squirrel, rabbit, or even an insect without permission. I've been turned down for living in many places because people INSIST on calling him a 'Pitbull', or 'American Stafford-shire Terrier'. This is extremely upsetting to me, because he is an inside dog and NEVER goes outside unless I am with him. He won't even bark unless someone is monkeying around my house (within 10 ft), or within 5 ft of 'HIS' car. When will people learn about dog breeds, take the time to do research, and quit calling every dog with a squared off muzzle a 'PITBULL'? The media has really messed up things up for this breed. He's the BEST dog I've ever owned over the years. That's a lot of years and many different breeds (I'm 61). Don't blame the dog breed. It's lazy, vicious, mean minded owners who are at fault for warping their dogs.
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I have an American bull dog, they are loving loyal and will protect you. They are very good with children, although because of their strength they can knock a child down accidentally, I have 3 young grand children and he loves them and cuddles up to them, but as with all dogs you must never leave them alone with children.  But I can honestly say I would never have another breed of dog, he is my best friend. I would also like to stress it really is how you bring them up, if you treat them with aggression that's you will get back!.Have a look on some of the American bull dog websites . Hope it helps
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Legally, certain areas do consider them a dangerous breed, but my American Bulldog like most that I have met are extremely loving and friendly.  It really depends on how you raise them, once you get a puppy you have to socialize it around as many people and dogs as possible.  American Bulldogs are not human aggressive, but a lot of them seem to have same sex dog aggression.
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If you mean in a legal sense it probably depends where you live. They are not included in the UK's list of dangerous dogs (yet). Personally I cannot understand why people want these dogs. Get something more stable like a Dogue de Bordeaux or an English Mastiff, if it is size you want. If it is that squared off face that attracts you - how about a boxer?

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