Do You Help A Dog When It Is Giving Birth Or Does The Dog Do Everything By Herself?


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No, they take care of it themselves, but you can sit with the pup and comfort her while she is delivering. They love the help that way. She is doing a tough thing, and if this is her first litter, she is going to be a bit clumsy. You can just help her to help the pups if they need it. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pups.
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jackie answered
This is something the mother need to do . If the puppies are having trouble or breached (turned around feet first instead of head first...) then by all means help her. How ever in this case its usually best to call the vet
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Jessica Smith answered
Usually everything happens naturally, but should complications occur you need to be prepared to intervene, or go to the vet.  The following website has some helpful information:
Good luck!
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cidney hart answered
Dogs can do it themself but if the puppy is stuck you might need to help her don't stop her from eating the cord its naturetal oh and stay clam byeee

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