Why Is Animal Abuse Wrong?


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Animal cruelty is wrong for a massive amount of reasons. Cruelty to anyone or anything is always wrong and is even worse when the victim is someone or something that cannot defend themselves or speak or cry for help. This is why both child cruelty and animal cruelty are awful crimes as the victims rarely have the power to stop it. Abusers of animals are usually cowardly and perform cruel acts because they think they can get away with it because the animal cannot go and tell someone.
Cruelty is described as an indifference to suffering, and even positive pleasure in inflicting it upon another person of thing.  It can be considered cruel to put a person or animal through something you would not want someone to do to you. Cruelty can be projected in a variety of ways. Cruelty can be physical and can cause pain upon the animal. Cruelty can be through neglect as a person fails to give the care and attention that an animal needs in order to survive. It can be verbal and can produce fear in an animal when it is shouted at. Some cruelty is not intended to cause suffering. It can be considered cruel when an owner over-feeds their pet. They may be motivated through love and adoration, but owners should really be responsible as it is cruel to make an animal so overweight that they cannot lead the normal, healthy life that they deserve.
‘’ is an excellent website if you are still unsure as to why animal cruelty is wrong. The site showcases some of the worst cases of animal cruelty and shows some extreme cases of neglect, which are sure to cause an emotional response. Be aware that some images are disturbing and most viewers will find it difficult to view.
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I think animal abuse is wrong because it may cause most of the animals go extinct. Plus, animals are almost like people, they can have feelings and feel pain. How would you feel if someone decided to beat you up and leave you on the streets to die? Think about it.
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Animal abuse is wrong because animals are people to what if people just went around choking and drowning you you wouldn't like it would you that is why animal abuse is wrong
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This is wrong because you wouldnt like to be that animal that was being abused, now would you. If you have your own pet you would know what I am talking about. Many inocient animals are killed every day and some people don't really care. Animals have feelings too and they should have some rights. Some people that abuse their animals don't even Know that they are doing it. Like they will leave and forget to feed and water them and they are late for work and thought they could do when they get home. This is the fifth time this week that she had done this. So her dog is laying outside withoout food and water. So just think about it
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Because animals are like humans, in a way. They can feel a kick, they can feel pain- Just as we do. They may even become depresed.Animals have feelings and if they are in pain, or fighting, is that what YOU want to do all day?
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Tell me, what is the difference between you , and the poor horse at the slaughter barn? You both feel pain, the only difference is that you could call for help! The poor animals that are being abused CANNOT call and get help. It CANNOT do anything. And its just sick that we all sit on the couch waching tv while animals are suffering. Its sick its wrong and somthing needs to be done.If you loved an animal you wouldnt abuse it. ANIMAL ABUSE IS WRONG.
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Because they have a life too.
Their life has equal amount of value as humans do..
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3 reasons to stop animal cruelty:
1. If the abused animal is rare or lots are being killed they will soon become instinct
2. Crulety to animals will cause a lot of pain for animals and pain will make them miserable (nothing likes being those things)
3. Nothing would want to be iltreated

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