What Snake Is Black With A Red Ring Around Its Neck?


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There are numerous species of snakes with a red and black neck in the world. However, the main thing to know when dealing with them is an old rhyme:

Red and black friend of jack,
Red and yellow kill a fellow

The inspiringly named Red Necked Snake is possible the snake you’re after spotting. This snake is very common in the USA and is completely harmless. Though not venomous it is still best not to touch it on the off chance it is something else.

Here is also the chance the snake could be a Racer. This snake is also found in the North Americas, and like the Ring Neck Snake is not venomous. It may also be a Northern Ring Snake which like the aforementioned is not venomous.

Many snakes in North America are non venomous and do not affect humans. They hunt by constricting their prey and some just simply eat the food by unlocking their jaws.

Others defend by musking or squirming wildly and most will bite. In the case of smaller snakes this will not be an issue and they will be unable to break the skin. Even larger snakes who can break the skin, will leave painful but not life threatening bites.

However in any of the above cases it is always better to be safe than sorry and you should get a check up by a registered medical professional.

Snakes are generally quite harmless creatures and the snake you saw is probably of the harmless mould.

There are a number of non-venomous snakes in the USA also and there are numerous books or websites you can frequent to look at see what sort of snakes you have come across. This website has a good list

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