What Kind Of Snake Has A Yellow Ring Around It's Head?


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This is most likely a ringneck snake which is small and also has a yellow belly. While they are harmless, you should be careful handling one, unless you are
certain what type it is. Ringneck or ring snakes rarely grow larger than a foot, are hardly venomous with only a slight allergic reaction in sensitive individuals from its rear teeth and it will probably not even try to bite you if you do pick one up, although, it will make your hands smell with its foul musk.

Its back will be either black, slate grey or brown with smooth scales. Eggs are laid in June or July and hatchlings emerge in August or September. They usually live in moist woodlands where the most common feast the redback salamander lives, although, they also eat earthworms, insects and occasionally fish. Mostly nocturnal they will generally be found under rocks or logs during the day and are a common snake to be found in basements.

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I believe it is the Ringneck Snake.   It has a mostly black body with a yellow/red/orange underbelly.  You can find more information in the link here.    Ringneck Snake
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A ring neck snake

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