My Dog Has Tiny Bumps Under His Skin On His Back, What Could It Be?


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There could be many things that are causing your dog to have tiny bumps under his skin on his back, but let's explore what some of the causes could be.

An allergy: This is probably the most common reason for bumps under the skin as these can occur when your pet has been exposed to something that doesn't quite agree with it. Have you recently bathed it in a soap that they have never been washed in before?

If you use a dog harness instead of a collar, you may have recently changed to a new one and this is perhaps made from a material or dyed in a substance that has irritated your dog's skin.

Have you recently changed your dog's food? Certain foods, meats or preservatives may have irritated your dog and the allergy may be manifesting as a small bumpy rash like you described.

Cysts: It is not uncommon for dogs to develop small, benign cysts. These can range from pin prick size, to large, cricket ball size! These lumps will need to be confirmed by a veterinarian.

Hives: Dogs very commonly contract hives, an allergic reaction that causes risen, red bumps to appear. If it is below fur, it may be difficult to confirm the color, but hives usually disappear when an antihistamine such as Benadryl is prescribed. Please give your dog 1mg per 1lb of body weight (confirm this with a vet first).

Folliculitis: Folliculitis is an inflammation of the hair follicles caused by bacteria, resulting in lots of tiny risen bumps. A month to two month's prescription of antibiotics usually solves this issue.

Pyoderma: This is a condition that translates to 'pus skin' and is a bacterial infection. You may be able to get rid of it by washing the area in antibacterial soap, but antibiotics may also be required.

It is always advisable to speak to your vet in these situations.
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My english bull dog throws up when he has bumps under skin
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It could be an allergic reaction to something that was given to him while he was being groomed. If he ever had any sort of allergy before, then you can use the same method to make him feel alright, otherwise, it would be highly suggested to call a vet or take your dog to him. This might have happened because of some shampoo. You can also give him benadryl.But take him to the vet first.
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My pitbull has small bumps on his back, he was fine until we bought a generic shampoo at a local pet store. The area on his back is dry and he is shedding from his back more than normal. Do you think it could be from the shampoo?

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