What Does A Spider Bite Look Like On A Dog?


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If you are thinking that your dog has got a spider bite and it is causing it some noticeable discomfort, you need to take him to the vet.

If he is scratching at the bite and trying to bite him itself then it is causing him great discomfort from itching and maybe pain. If your dog does seem to be in pain from its spider bite, you definitely need to visit the vet and get some pain killers for him.

A spider bite isn't lethal for animals often, but it can be incredibly painful and uncomfortable for a dog to deal with. If your dog goes rustling through grass, he may come across a Black Widow spider which could bite him and leave him in quite a bit of pain. You need to see a vet with your dog if you believe that he has been bitten by a venomous spider, as it could maybe be life threatening if it goes ignored.

If you want to treat the spider bite yourself from a Black Widow, quickly, you can follow some of the following steps:

· Calm your pet down as they may be in great distress from the bite. Offer treats and a quiet calming attitude towards them to stop them from wriggling around. Make sure that they keep still as they may end up spreading the venom around the body. If the bite with to a limb, make sure to hold the limb lower than heart level on the dog.

· Force 1mg of Benadryl into your dog's mouth for every pound of body weight he has. You would be better off contacting your vet before doing this to ensure that it won't have any other detrimental effects on your dog. This would only occur if the dog had any type of allergy.

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