My Cat Is Pregnant And We Can Feel The Babies Moving How Much Longer Do U Think She Has To Go?


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My cat is pregnant and about a week ago we felt them move and kick so we went to the vets to see how long gone she was an to check her over and he said that she has 3 weeks max left but all cats are different and are cat is only 7 months and so we didn't now she should get pregnant so we had to take her to see if she will be ok to deliver them  an we may have still born so we have to stay with her and look at all the babys to see if and are alive . But if you have felt them kick and she is big then 4 weeks max try an remember when you first felt her kick is it was over a week ago I would say 3 week but if you havent felt her kick yet I would say about 7 weeks I may be and I not to sore on all this it is mines fist litter so I hope this will help abit but I donno
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Thankyou for that saw them kicking bout 10 days ago and could feel them about 1 week ago we have made her a bed in a big box which she wouldnt go in but nowshe does all she does is lounge around so hopefully wont be long.. Goodluck with ur cat and her babies hope all goes well x

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