Why Is My Dog's Hair Thinning?


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Some breeds are supseptable too thinning, or balding, usually because of age.  Do you wash her more than 2 times a month?  Do you use human shampoo, which is usually to harsh.  There are some amazing pet shampoos on the market, I suggest, all natural.

Oatmeal shampoo, works well, smells good, safe for sensitive skin, doesn't strip essential oils, leaves them soft and fluffy.  Be sure you get out all shampoo, treatment products, especially around feet.  (can cause skin itching, sore spots, and feet chewing)

Also, flaxseed oil, will improve the condition of remaining hair, and skin.

If hair is un sightly, get a short hair cut, to blend and a few doggie sweaters.

I have worked as a groomer for 10 years, I have never seen a product too brig it back.

Some animals, especially smaller breeds can have "nervous" conditions.  If your vet thinks so a "nerve" pill can be made available.  Some things that commonly upset, children, strangers/near owner, other pets, husbands, sounds(living near an airport, or interstate)  gunshots, fireworks,people arguing a lot.  Dogs that have pronounced anxiety, often shake and tremble, constant barking, destructive behavior when ever your not around, abandonment issues, those are a few signs.

Good fortune, you know she's still beautiful, no matter what!

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