How Do You Use Thinning Shears For Dog Grooming?


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Arun Raj answered
Professional pet groomers swear on grooming shears more than any other tool for grooming pets. Though there are many types of grooming shears like curved, straight etc, the thinning shear is used quite a lot. Thinning shears can be used to blend between the scissored and clippered area or to thin out clippered areas. Usually thinning shears come with 24 to 46 teeth.

Thinning shears with 28-teeth blade or finer are ideal for give the coats of the dog a soft furry appearance. It is recommended for you to observe a pet groomer at work. See how he uses the shear deftly and pay heed to the tips that he offers about dog grooming, including using thinning shears.

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