Why Is My Dog Losing Weight And Hair?


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Loss of weight and hairs in dogs are always due to some underlying illnesses. Many conditions can cause loss of hairs. Almost all skin diseases cause hair loss in dogs. Circular patches of hair loss is mainly related with ringworm infection in dogs. Ringworm is fungal infection of the skin. This infection can affect scalp, nails and body. Ringworm is contagious because it can be transmitted from person to person, animal to person and from contact with contaminated objects. Diagnosis is by physical examination, fugal culture, wood's light lamp examination, complete blood count, microscopic examination of hairs. Systemic and topical preparations are used to treat ringworm in dogs.

Other reasons of hair loss in dogs are flea allergy, allergy to pollens, molds, and foods, scabies especially sarcoptes mange, Cheyletiella or lice which causes pruritus, pyoderma, ringworm infection, Cushing's disease, endocrine diseases due to hormonal imbalances, autoimmune skin diseases and almost all skin diseases.

As hair loss in dogs always indicates some underlying cause, so, it should not be taken easy and visit to vet for accurate diagnosis and treatment is necessary.
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The dog is losing some weight because it does not eat right.And it loses some hair because of the weather or because it is renewing the hair it is somewhat like that.... But if it is not like this.. Try finding a VETERINARIAN!!! THATS ALL :)
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Dear sir or madam, I am writing to inform you that you should look it up on the coumputer. I am ver sorry I an not help you.The dog might be suffering a terrible illness.

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