How To Improve My Maltese Dog Hair, His Hair Is Tinning Out?


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Female dogs tend to blow their coat around their heat cycle and after pregnancy but sometimes it's due to breakage. Do not use human products, you see the dogs ph is different, do use cosmetics formulated for dogs and invest in high quality shampoos & conditioners and combs and brushes too!
Never brush or de-tangle the hair dry, this causes static which results in breakage, do use an antistatic spray by Coat Handler, Static stabilizer by Vellus or Ice on Ice by Chris Christensen. Spritz to damped not soak and brush or comb.
ALWAYS DE TANGLE & DEMAT BEFORE THE BATH or you will have tighter mats, a nightmare!
Wash every couple of weeks with good shampoo & conditioner by #1 all systems, Vellus, Coat handler or Chris Christensen. It's important to follow dilution instructions. The best way to prep shampoo & conditioner is to fill a squeeze bottle with warm water, add the amount of product called for & shake.
Drying, never dry with heat, this damages the hair, instead use an Ionic hair dryer that has a no heat setting and dry.
You should see her hair improve in a couple months, if not have you should rule out a thyroid or other underlying issue. Good luck. V

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