What Are The Symptoms Of A Cat Miscarriage?


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There are several symptoms of a cat miscarriage:
  • Vaginal discharge: Usually cats do not experience vaginal discharge when they are pregnant. Therefore, if you do notice any sort of yellowish discharge - which could be either thick or runny - from your pregnant pet, then take her to the vet immediately. Any fluid coming from the vagina of your cat that isn't urine should be considered to be vaginal discharge.
  • Fever and not eating: If a pregnant cat experiences a noticeable increase in temperature, and is therefore inactive and panting, then this could be a sign of miscarriage. Loss of appetite is usually associated with a high temperature.
  • Fetus removal: You may find the miscarried fetus of a kitten around your house or in your garden. Usually this will look like a bloody sack, but it could resemble a kitten, depending on how pregnant your cat was.
If your cat experiences any of the above, then you will need to rush her to a vet immediately. In some cases the kittens can be saved, depending on the circumstances, but most importantly a miscarriage could have some serious effects on the mother cat.
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Just like a human, cats display the same symptoms. You should immediately take your cat into the vet and have her examined if you suspect a miscarriage.

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