I Have An Elderly Cat With Bad Teeth. Do You Have Any Suggestions For What Food I Can Feed It With?


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What food can I give an old cat with bad teeth?
Get the healthiest wet food you can get. It may be a little costly, but what's more important? I think that's your animals health, and if he/she is alive or not. So get healthy wet food.

You will want to purchase the healthiest food because a lot of wet food has some "unhealthy" ingredients. So getting the cheap stuff would be bad for his tummy, and may be worse because the cat is elderly.

  • Bad teeth is a common complaint in elderly cats and there is almost no way of completely preventing it, as most old cats will experience teeth problems sometime in their life times.
  • It has been suggested that feeding cats more hard food when they are young adults could have benefits for their longer-term dental health. It is thought that hard food doesn't let plaque build up on the teeth as wet foods do.
  • However, if your cat already has bad teeth - as is the case here - then feeding it hard food is not a good idea.
The best food to give your cat would be high-quality soft and wet food.
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Get those bad teeth yanked under general anesthesia and then feed it canned cat food food mixed well with warm water. 

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Excellent advice - I had one cat who got an infection in a bad tooth and by the time we realized it antibiotics weren't enough to save him.  Cats are REALLY good at hiding injury or illness.

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