My Puppy Has Blister Like Things On His Stomach With Green Puss In Them? What Is It?


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God, get that puppy to the vet's!  You're responsible for the little dog's health, don't wait on this one.  Or, why did you get a dog in the first place?  Time to step up to the plate.
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carlie wilson
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Thats what i was gonna say to get it to the vets
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I have 3 day old dachshund puppies and one is acting "less energetic" than the other 4. I just discovered little bumps on his tummy. I called the vet and they tried to tell me they couldn't get me in for another 3 days! If they tell you that, you either demand that they see you or call every vet you can. From what I have read, it could be nothing or...canine herpes or destemper. Whatever it is, make sure you keep them WARM! If the vet won't see you.... I would just drive down there and walk in!

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