What Insect Bite Begins As A Boil (With A Small Blister In The Center) And Then Swells And Reddens? It Also Runs And Grows Larger.


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If you've got a bite mark that has become swollen, red, and runny, a number of different insects might be the culprit.

Here's a little information about possible sources of the bite and some treatments I'd recommend.

Large, red, and runny insect bite

Wasp and bee stings tend to swell up and blister. They may also become runny and even pus-filled if a bite becomes infected by bacteria.

A spider bite also fits the description of your bite mark, so this is another theory you might want to investigate.

The thing to remember is that everyone has different reactions to insect bites - often the swelling and irritation we feel isn't because of the actual bite, but is more to do with the insect's saliva coming into contact with our blood stream.

Also, most insect bites fill with fluid under the skin because this is our body's way of dealing with the bite.

So in actual fact, a bite mark that has become red, swollen and runny is simply your body reacting in absolutely the right way.

What type of insect has bitten me? Without a proper medical test, it would be hard to say.

However, a spider or a wasp sounds like the most probable answer- but I'd recommend you visit a doctor just to make sure.

If you're looking to treat the bite at home, I'd recommend plantain, calendula, and aloe vera.
JANE GILL answered
My son had it, it was a spider bite. You need to get antibiotic for it, keep it clean, and put hot towel to drain the pus - and cover with neospren and a Band-aid.

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