My Dog Has Two Black Mole Growth Looking Things On His Stomach, Should I Be Worried?


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A mole on the skin of a dog could be normal, or it could be a certain kind of skin cancer. It is always best to take your dog to your vet if you are in any way concerned.

The presence of any mole is natural, but the appearance of any new one could definitely be something to be concerned about as they could be a cancerous mole on a dog. Not all moles on a dog's skin are cancerous, though. It is actually quite normal for a cat or a dog to have an area of the skin that has a dark pigmentation, particularly the eyelid, gum and tongue tissue.

Generally, any small skin tumor tends to be benign while the skin tumors in the eyes, fingers and toes will be mostly malignant. Common types of cancers in a dog are either malignant or benign. Benign cancers will remain localized in one area of the body, while malignant cancers will spread to other areas of the dog's body.

Unless the lump or mole starts to increase in size and elevates itself above the skin's surface or bleeds, there is normally no need for any concern. There is certainly no harm in asking your vet, though. If the mole is bleeding then it will necessitate an examination by a vet. There are certain indications to watch out for in the case of a cancerous mole.

  • A cancerous mole is usually present underneath haired skin as a small and darkish brown to black lump.
  • The width of a cancerous mole can grow up to about two inches in size.
  • A cancerous mole on a dog gradually increases in size.
  • The mole will elevate and swell above the skin's surface.
  • Such a mole might bleed sometimes.

Always seek the advice of a vet.
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My puppy has two black moles on her stomach, and is itching a lot lately....??? Does anyone know what that could be?
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You know one thing the other dogs that earre to you will look into your dogs mole only.. Its really miracle. Y should you worried...

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