What Kind Of Spider Has A Yellow Triangle On Its Back?


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A jumping spider known as Phidippus audax has a yellow triangle on its back. This spider is dark in color, so its unique marking really stands out. This type of arachnid is found in wide-open regions, and it is indigenous to North America and Central America.

Facts About Spiders

• Many people are afraid of spiders; the phobia known as Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. People who are afraid of spiders and have a true phobia will panic when they see the creatures - they may experience heart palpitations, sweating, dizziness, emotional turmoil, and even terror when confronted with spiders. Even harmless, non-poisonous spiders will trigger their phobia, which may need to be treated with therapy, anti-depressants, and other calming medications. Sometimes, the fear of spiders begins in childhood.
• Spiders spin webs to trap their prey - these silky, delicate webs are often much stronger than they look. Insects caught in a spider's web will struggle as they try to wrest themselves free - however, since the web is sticky, this will only ensure that they are more entangled in the shiny strands of the web.
• One famous example of a spider in modern literature in the spider in Charlotte's Web - this poignant character, whose name was Charlotte, used her web-weaving powers to help save the life of a little pig, living on a farm. Charlotte's Web is a classic children's novel with an excellent moral message, and the book has been converted into a cartoon film version.
• Spiderman is the most famous cartoon spider - when mild-mannered Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he developed supernatural powers - including the ability to weave webs.

Learning about spiders can be a fascinating way to explore the natural world. Since spiders can be found anywhere and everywhere, they offer an easy way to examine nature, up close and personal. A magnifying glass will help you see the details of spiders.

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