What Is The Difference Between A Jackal And Fox?


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Both jackals and foxes are animals that come from the Canidae family. They originally come from dogs and are part of the wider dog family. There are however many differences between them that distinguish them from other members of the Canidae family and from each other.

They are both omnivorous mammals that have come from the crossbreeding of different dogs throughout the last few hundred years and possibly even longer.

There are 37 kinds of fox although only 12 of these are considered as true foxes. Foxes are usually red or orange in color and have long noses and bushy tails. These common kind of foxes are called vulpes foxes. Vulpes foxes are the most common fox and are found on almost every continent. They are wild animals and seen as pests that go through bins in cities and in more rural areas, kill the chickens and other small poultry from farms and gardens.

Jackals also have a long nose but their tails are much less bushy, this is so that they are not as hot in their home climate. Jackals are usually found in Africa and are classed as a wild animal, just like a fox. They are usually a grey or brown color and roam in the wild. They are relatively low in the food chain as there are many other carnivores animals in Africa that will be hungry. This is probably the reason that they are not a bright red color like a fox.

Most animals in the Canidae family are wild animals. Some other members of the Canidae family are;

  • Coyote
  • Wolf
  • Wolf-dog
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Fox & Jackal are the members of the family Canidae. Some other members are Dog, Hyena, Coyote etc.
Fox & Jackal both differ in their looks.

All the above mentioned members in the family differ from each other on the following aspects:
1. Looks - Colours, Size, Structure, Profile etc.
2. Behaviour
3. Food
4. Dentition, Jaw Structure, Ear Setup etc.
5. Life


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