How To Express Anal Gland? Can't Afford Vet!


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Anal glands are two sac located on either side of the anus in dogs, cats and all predators as 5 and 7 O clock position. In dogs, these glands secrete a fluid that is used to mark the territory. These glands are expressed during deification. Sometimes, due to unknown reasons, anal glands fluid become thick and secretions can not be expressed. This condition can develop in to infection because anal glands continue to produce thick secretions, resulting in enlargement of anal glands.

The impacted anal glands should be expressed by the groomer, owner or vet. You can also express them by applying pressure on the anal glands through fingers.
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Yes you can learn to express the anal glands.  It is best to have your veterinarian show you how to do this and walk you through your first attempt.  It is easy to learn if you have the stomach to handle the smell.
I would not pay a groomer to express the anal glands.  Usually groomers just attempt to express them from the outside--this will not empty the glands fully.
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Free vet student cannot afford blue cross unemployed vet treatment benefit vet veterinary
Hi everybody, maybe my answer does not directly relate to the topic, but I want to let everybody know that there is a chance to
get free vet care for your cat or dog (any pet)
in all countries there are pet charities that provide vet care for people with low income or on benefits. But only a few people know that even if you are not taking government benefits and cannot afford to pay for a vet you (your pet ) still can be eligible to get a free veterinary treatment. If you are a student, unemployed, have low income and can prove it with any official paper you should try to contact a charity and explain your circumstances. In UK it is a Blue Cross - I just called them and explained that I am a full time student and have no income and they agreed to take my cat into their hospital. Unfortunately it was too late for my poor cat and they had to put him to sleep. I spent too much time looking for the information I am giving you now and trying to cure him myself. If only I knew it a bit earlier =(.
These charities were founded to help sick pets, and even despite official requirements (proof of benefits, some other papers) they are really interested in helping ill animals so there always should be a way to get help from them for free even if you will have to say them that you have just found this sick animal.
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You must use the oral antibiotics for the anal glands. You can find them in the market. It will really solve your problem. Try to use the oral antibiotics for the solution of the problem.
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Take doggy to the groomer if they aren't impacted the groomer can do it quickly,I do it all the time,we don't like doing it but its part of our job.

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