What Is Causing My Dog To Drool Excessively?


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Drooling in some dogs is normal but not in lab mix. There
are many possibilities of drooling in dogs where are discussed below.
  1. Ulcers
    in mouth
  2. Ingestion
    of some chemicals
  3. Gum
  4. Inflammation
    of mucus membrane
  5. Injury
    in mouth
It is possible that your dog has some splinter or any object
stuck in his mouth causing pain and inflammation. This can leads to infection.
My recommendation are to get it diagnosed from the vet and
then start treatment.
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Drooling can be a sign of oral irritation or nausea.  Oral irritation can be secondary to a taste reaction (ingesting something spicy or bad tasting), oral ulcers secondary to caustic substances, tooth root abscesses, and oral foreign bodies.  There are many things that can cause nausea.  I would have your dog examined by a veterinarian to determine the cause of the drooling and start appropriate treatment.
If this is a taste reaction you can try giving a small amount of milk or tuna juice to remove the poor taste in his mouth.
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You may want to get his teeth checked out my your vet. Dental problems have many symptoms (food dropping,inflammation,low appetite),but drooling is definitely one of them.

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