Can You Remove A Dog's Anal Glands?


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Yes. We had one of our dog's glands removed about five years ago. No problems. Incidentally, he did not have allergies and was not overweight. His glands got impacted every few weeks and were very hard to express. He was on a proper diet, got plenty of exercise, and was kept clean. Had them removed, he healed up within a few days, and was fine. I am reading that it is a risky and last resort procedure, but we did not know this at the time and saw no negative results. He didn't miss the glands.
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If impaction and infection are frequent problems, vets will remove the anal glands. In bad recurring cases the gland just won't drain properly even with squeezing, and surgery is then the option, but try regular emptying first, don't wait for the dog to show signs of discomfort.
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Yes. if you have to drain them that often it is easier to just have them removed. I don't even think it is that expensive
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Some are a little grossed out by it, but you can learn to express the glands yourself so you don't have to worry about a wasted trip to the vet. Just get yourself a glove and a baby wipe. The anal glands are located right inside the rectum at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock position. You express them from the OUTSIDE of the rectum, you will never insert any fingers inside so don't worry. You just squeeze in an upward motion at the sides of the rectum (with the glove on, and holding the baby wipe) and the baby wipe should catch all that comes out. If you are still unclear, just take him to the vet and they will let you watch so you can see how it's done. Just make sure they are expressed quite often so as not to cause an infection again. Hope this helps!
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I agree, it is actually a very easy procedure. And keeping the gland expressed, it will also improve your dog's breath. I actually use that as an indication that the gland is needing done. Hope this helps.
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How safe is it to remove the anal glands? I know there is risk of incontinence, but are there other risks too? Another question is, what are the stats on cases of incontinence? Out of 1000 anal sack removals how many resulted in incontinence?
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I'm not sure any vet would do that,most dogs who have problems with that need a very frequent schedule for expressing the glands which should take care of the problem.It's inexpensive and takes less than 5 minutes to do(In my experience and my dog friends concur).

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