Does Anybody Have A Maltese Jack Russell Mix?


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Hi! I have a 2 year old (almost 2, he'll be 2 in April 2008) Jack Russell Maltese Mix male, he is my little guy, his name is Benny. My email is [email protected]
I was doing a search on yahoo for 'jack Russell Maltese mix' and saw your posting. I have tons of cute pictures of Benny from when he was a few months old until now, so if you are interested in seeing what your little one will look like send me an email :)
Take care! Have fun with your pup!
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Yes.  We have a Jack Russell/Maltese mix named "Comet".  He is 2-1/2 now, all white.  He has strong terrier tendencies, but is good at keeping himself occupied w/ toys & can be very mellow at times.  He does exhibit strong separation anxiety, but he was a rescue (we got him at just over a year old) so we do not know his early history.  He is a bit on the heavy side (but not fat) at about 25 lbs...

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I have a Jack Russell, Maltese and a Chihuahua mix. He favors a longer haired JRT more than the others. His name is Buttons.
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Facebook search Holly Martin in Lincoln Nebraska and send her a message. She has dark hair and is a friend of mine and has them for sale for 50 dollars. Tell her Robbie told you about her.

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