I Recently Moved Into A Home Where Cats Have Sprayed Under The Mobile Home. How Do I Get Rid Of Cat Urine That Has Been Sprayed Under My Mobile Home That Is Soil?


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Buy a cheap canister/pump type bug sprayer like the exterminator might use, fill with 1/2 water and 1/2 lysol and a box of baking soda, and spray the dirt, and the underside of anywhere he might have sprayed. Then throw mothballs all around under there. The strong mothball odor lingers and it is too strong for most cats to tolerate. Get a dog to pee all around outside the trailer....that helps keep them away.
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I to have  several cats under my mobile home,I have no idea who they belong to,but a terrible smell comes up through my vents ,smells rotten,I don't know what to do ,I need help,they won't let you get close to them ..I have got to get rid of that smell please help.

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